Frequently Asked Questions

What does this site do?

This site lists various opportunities to invest in primarily real estate related projects.

How does this work?

Various property related investment opportunities are listed on this site. You can read through the details which will be provided on the Project details page in the form of a Prospectus (or a similar offer document such as an Information Memorandum or Product Disclosure Statement.

It will have all the details regarding the project such as location, duration, expected return and potential risks. You should read through it carefully and determine if this is an appropriate investment for you and if necessary consult your financial adviser. If you decide the specific project is something you wish to invest in then you can click on the invest now or express interest button and fill up the application form online which will be listed there with your details and the amount you wish to invest.

You will be provided Bank account details of the project company where you should then proceed to transfer the required funds. If your application is accepted then you will be issued a share or unit certificate indicating your investment in the project.

You will also be provided regular updates in the form of pictures, videos etc as the project progresses on the website as well as via email.

Once the project concludes you will be paid your promised return based on the Projects performance and in accordance with the offer documents terms.

What is the expected Return, Duration?

Every project is different and details of the projects expected returns and duration can be found on that particular projects detail page and on the Prospectus or other offer document.

Who owns this site?

This site is owned by Estate Baron Crowdinvest PTY LTD.

Who operates this site?

Konkrete Distributed Registries LTD (ABN 67617252909) (Konkrete) provides technology infrastructure and support services to operate this site. Konkrete is a Corporate Authorised Representative 001251881 of AFSL 000299812 and is authorized to deal in securities. Konkrete is however not responsible for the content of this website which is the responsibility of Estate Baron Crowdinvest PTY LTD. The responsibility of the specific offers made on this website is that of the specific Project principals whose details can be found on the Prospectus or the Offer document.

Can everyone invest in the opportunities listed here?

Typically most offers here will be made on the back of a Prospectus and will be open to Retail investors across Australia.

Can international investors invest?

The offers are made to only investors in Australia and are not made in other jurisdictions such as the USA where it may not be valid to do so.

Can I invest using my SMSF?

Investments typically take the form of shares in a Public Unlisted companies. If your SMSF allows investment in securities then it may be suitable. Please consult your financial adviser.

Are the returns guaranteed or is the investment risky?

Every investment carries risk, you should consider loss of entire invested capital. You should also review the Prospectus or other offer documents in detail for a list of potential risks and if necessary consult a financial adviser to determine if this is a suitable investment for you.

What are the tax implications of this investment?

We cannot give you Tax advise, please consult your Tax adviser. You should also review the Prospectus which may have details about the tax impact of that particular investment.