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We live in an era of high stock market volatility, sharp crashes and ongoing risk of recession


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Real Estate and Property Development offer high, predictable returns but require large amounts of capital, which can make it hard to get started


Property Crowdfunding

Property Crowdfunding is a way for many people to come together online and invest small amounts in projects of your choice


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Monitor your projects progress online and receive payments as specified in the offer, all from the comfort of your home!

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Investment Security

Security of your investments is our number one priority. Before any project is listed on the site, we pre-fund the project, Estate Baron team members invest their personal funds in each of the projects using the same offer document that is presented to everyone and receive no special preference over others. Our Due Diligence team includes veterans of the property industry, we pick only the best locations and put in measures to ensure our investors get paid before the Developer sees any returns. We disclose all the facts transparently and are governed by a Retail Australian Financial Services License and full Product Disclosure Statement setting a very high bar for ourselves. Estate Baron does not get to touch investor funds at all, they are controlled by the trustees independently and released only as per the offer doc provisions. We put caveats and have measures to fire the developer if needed. We are always available via phone, chat, email or personal meetings to answer queries. We do not push any project that we personally would not feel comfortable investing in, we are in this for the right reasons and for the long run.

Project ideas

These are some of the projects currently being presented to us for review. In the spirit of crowdfunding we are asking you to participate in the Due Diligence process of it. Check out the details and post your thoughts about whether this is a project you would like to participate in.

Cash has been received with thanks. Impressive effort there on Mt Waverley. That's a good thing about your model - it targets a specific return for investors

and I suppose as soon as you can lock it in you should do so. Well done."

James Gurry
Investment Banker, London

Amazing work! Fantastic outcome especially in a market full of passed-in results. I think getting back 20% will make everyone happy. When's your next deal going to be launched?"

Peter Li
M&A, Melbourne

Received the payout and everything went smoothly. If you have more of these 4 month deals, that would be fantastic! haha I'm looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Jason Pizzino
Digital Entrepreneur, Israel

I stumbled across Estate Baron one day when trawling the net looking to invest in property, in particular property financed through crowd funding. Their interactive site was professional and easy

to use showcasing an array of new properties on the go. As a building designer I could see they had an eye for choosing properties currently in trend with the market and in well sought after areas. I was contacted by Mark Winslade a co-founder of Estate Baron who smoothed over the uncertainties I had as a first time investor through the means of crowd funding. The service was great, the contract was short and simple, but what I loved most was how Estate Baron allowed me to invest in property with only a small amount capital."

Aaron Staples
Director - Bay Vista Building Design and Drafting

Estate Baron provides me with a great alternative investment to diversify my portfolio. The returns are competitive and the transactions are transparent and compelling. Looking forward to more investments in the future!"

Steven Xu
Senior Consultant - Deloitte

What I loved about Estate Baron was the ability to invest with very small amounts in projects of my choice. There were no high pressure sales tactics and all the details were expained in a simple and transparent fashion.

Where else can I invest as little as $5000 and get a 10% return. And all of this in a blue chip area! Wish all property investing was as simple as this."

Pinal Shah
Disability Services Officer
Disability SA

Raise Equity or Mezzanine funding for your Project using Estate Baron Technology and Compliance.





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