In order to raise funds for your Property Development from small and large investors all across Australia you need 3 things

We will work with you to tailor a customised offer document that can be promoted openly and which could let you raise any amount you wish from an unlimited amount of investors on your own terms

We provide a technology platform branded to your needs that allows you to promote your offer online and attract small and large private investors

We administer and support all the tech and user applications and work with you to provide investor updates

We provide you access to our user base of thousands of interested investors

We offer 2 types of fundraising solutions

One offer per project

  • A separate prospectus will be lodged for each offer setup as a Public Unlisted Company describing details of the specific project
  • Investors get exposure to a specific project
  • Offer remains open for typically 2 to 3 months during which you are to hit your fundraising goals
  • Money raised can only be used for that project
  • Can be promoted openly and raise unlimited amounts of money from retail investors
  • $30,000 - $50,000 ex GST one time drafting fee(depending on complexity)
  • 5% fundraising fee applicable only on any investors we bring to the offer. No fees on money raised on investors that come through your networks
  • Other costs include about $5000 paid to ASIC and $2000-$5000 est. on annual audits

Pooled fund style offering

  • One prospectus will allow you to raise money for a range of projects
  • Investors get diversified returns based on the overall performance of the underlying projects
  • Offer can remain open in perpetuity with renewals required every 13 months
  • Can be promoted openly and raise unlimited amounts of money from retail investors
  • $30,000 - $50,000 ex GST one time drafting fee
  • 5% fundraising fee applicable only on any investors we bring to the offer. No fees on money raised on investors that come through your networks
  • Other costs include about $5000 paid to ASIC and about $2000-$5000 on annual audits
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Cash has been received with thanks. Impressive effort there on Mt Waverley. That's a good thing about your model - it targets a specific return for investors

and I suppose as soon as you can lock it in you should do so. Well done."

James Gurry
Investment Banker, London

Amazing work! Fantastic outcome especially in a market full of passed-in results. I think getting back 20% will make everyone happy. When's your next deal going to be launched?"

Peter Li
M&A, Melbourne

Received the payout and everything went smoothly. If you have more of these 4 month deals, that would be fantastic! haha I'm looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Jason Pizzino
Digital Entrepreneur, Israel

I stumbled across Estate Baron one day when trawling the net looking to invest in property, in particular property financed through crowd funding. Their interactive site was professional and easy

to use showcasing an array of new properties on the go. As a building designer I could see they had an eye for choosing properties currently in trend with the market and in well sought after areas. I was contacted by Mark Winslade a co-founder of Estate Baron who smoothed over the uncertainties I had as a first time investor through the means of crowd funding. The service was great, the contract was short and simple, but what I loved most was how Estate Baron allowed me to invest in property with only a small amount capital."

Aaron Staples
Director - Bay Vista Building Design and Drafting

Estate Baron provides me with a great alternative investment to diversify my portfolio. The returns are competitive and the transactions are transparent and compelling. Looking forward to more investments in the future!"

Steven Xu
Senior Consultant - Deloitte

What I loved about Estate Baron was the ability to invest with very small amounts in projects of my choice. There were no high pressure sales tactics and all the details were expained in a simple and transparent fashion.

Where else can I invest as little as $5000 and get a 10% return. And all of this in a blue chip area! Wish all property investing was as simple as this."

Pinal Shah
Disability Services Officer
Disability SA

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use this fundraising service for?

You can use this for raising equity, mezzanine funds. You can use it for acquiring land, doing permits, construction, sales etc. In short there is ample flexibility in terms of what and how you use fundraising service as long as it is well documented and disclosed. Which is where we come in.

It can also be applied for Business funding as well.

How much money can I raise using this?

In theory you can raise an unlimited amount of money using this. It boils down to how many people are looking at your offer.

Can anyone including small investors invest in the offers?

Yes, we issue a Prospectus with full disclosure. So it is open to all Retail investors across Australia.

Can I offer a different rate of return based on how much people invest?

Yes, you can staircase the return based on how much people invest. So for instance someone who invests a million dollars can be offered a higher rate of return than someone who invests $5000

How much time does this take?

It takes us 2 to 3 weeks to draft the offer and get your website up. Typically if you provide us with the information needed on time we can move faster. After that ASIC takes 7 to 14 days as part of its exposure period during which the offer can be promoted but no money can be accepted. After this you can start accepting funds.

How much does this cost and what do I get in return?

We charge a one time fee of $15,000 ex GST for the tech setup and drafting of one prospectus and getting it cleared from ASIC for the per project offer and $20,000 ex GST for the tech setup and prospectus drafting for the fund style offering.

We also charge a 5% fundraising fee for any investors that we bring to the offer, but there are no fees if all investors come from your side. There are no ongoing fees.

You should be aware of the following additional costs. We setup a Public Unlisted Company which costs $650 and prospectus lodging fee with ASIC is $2350. There is also a yearly audit which we estimate at around $2500 for per project offers and around $5000 for pooled offers but you can engage your own auditors if you wish. These are not included in our price and paid separately.

Who has done this before?

Since launch in early 2017 we have been engaged by several Developer clients, some of whose offers you can see on estatebaron home page.

What rate of return is expected by investors?

Typically we recommend offering mezzanine or pref equity at around 10 to 12% annum. But what we also do is fix the return to an upper ceiling. For instance 20% over 18 months. But if the project extends beyond 18 months it is still 20%. This helps protect the Developer in case of delays and is safer than debt. As a Developer you should do your best to give the projected returns to investors as only then they are likely to reinvest and recommend to others.

How is this regulated?

We structure this as a Public Unlisted Company and Prospectus and provide full disclosure meeting all the requirements as needed for fundraising in Australia. If you approach a lawyer to do this you will probably spend hundreds of thousands for the same thing. We have reduced the costs by using templates and cookie cutter structures that we have done before. The team has been involved in several public ASX listings, drafting of Prospectuses and Product Disclosure Statements. We take our obligations under regulatory requirements seriously and help you understand and navigate and them well.